Freshkrete Mobile Mixer

For thousands of years man has been mixing aggregates, cement and water together to build structures. Many ancient structures such as the Great Pyramids and the Coliseum were bonded together with cement mortars. Today, ready-mixed concrete is frequently used to construct highways, bridges, dams, buildings, airports, sewer systems, tunnels, home foundations, driveways, and sidewalks.  Crown Hill Stone Supply brings this excellent building material to you door step with the addition of our “FreshKrete” Ready Mix units.  What is “Freshkrete”? This is a concept where the concrete is mixed on site in our new state-of-the art Mobile Mixer unit, simply put, we bring the plant to you and mix the concrete on site to your satisfaction.  This concept is also known as Volumetric concrete mixing and delivery.  Since the concrete is mixed on site there is no danger of getting a “Hot Load”  which can typically happen in a traditional barrel type concrete truck. “Hot Loads” occur when the concrete is mixed in a barrel truck for extended periods of time and the friction between the rock and metal barrel generate heat.  Hot Loads are very difficult to finish and almost are always rejected by inspectors or contractors. There is also no waste and since the unit only produces what the job requires and can literally mix a shovel full of concrete to 8 Cubic yards on site.  The practice of over ordering is eliminated and the customer is only charged for what is produced not what is ordered.  The Mobile Mixer is equipped with a batch computer that prints a ticket of how much was produced, all of the total weights of materials used in the total pour and what the mix design was called for.

Crown Hill Stone Supply's “FreshKrete” mixed concrete – also known as Portland cement concrete, consists of fine aggregates, coarse aggregates, special binders and water. Sometimes, admixtures are also added to modify the appearance, work ability or physical properties of the concrete. Desired properties of hardened ready-mixed concrete include durability, strength, water tightness, and resistance to abrasion. All of these characteristics are influenced by the quality of the component materials and their proportions.  We only use the highest quality materials to manufacture our quality concrete.  Call today to place your orders for the freshest concrete in town.

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